~ My Dads The Best ~
Oh yes, My Dad's the One
The catch of the day,
I've got him
Hook line and sinker I say,
He's all mine
You're too late
'Cause I'm his best bait.
When he calls me a can of worms
So full of squirm,
But that's OK by me
Because he only chortles it
With that twinkle in his eye,
He's the greatest
of all Dads everywhere
and here's the reasons why.
You love your kids
You're good at woodwork,
And like being our friend
Well, between those long wise talks.
  You're devoted to your real vocation
To get the money to take us all on vacation,
You're clever with a ball and bat
(But giving blood, you don't like that.)
Old time music you just love to play
And bills on time, you're keen to pay,
You fill the bin with all the mess
But then, always like to look your best.
You're the King of the road for sure
And so handy at fixing up the car,
Well, at mending everything
You're quite the star,
So the whole bunch of us
would like to say
We love you Dad so very much.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


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