~ My Faith And Belief ~

Sometimes my faith gets shaky
And I falter in my own belief
But then some words of kindness
From you in e-mail I receive

They may be words so tender
Or a poem reaching to my soul
Or a verse that you were led to send
So once again I will feel whole.

It may be just a tag that's sent
That seems to chase away the blues
Or just a simple hello, howdy
Or a 'Good Morning', how are you.

It could just be a thank you friend
For something special I have shared
Or a sweet and gentle hug from you
That shows how much you truly care.

I know that God will use our help
To send His heart from Heaven above
I know He's sent me many angels
Who show to me such kindness, love.

These angels that I speak of highly
Are found in special friends like you
And the bond today, we truly share
Is a myst'ry sent, without a clue.

So, as I go to God in prayer
I will ask our friendship has no end
That I'll always be there for you
And you'll be here, for me, my friend.


Sandra Edwards

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