~ My Friend, My Thanksgiving Blessing ~

There's days I feel so many blessings
There's days I feel there's few
But each day, I'm glad for one so special
I thank our God for you

You're always far, but nearer yet we cannot be
And for that, I cannot ask
But you're my friend for always, yes
And that is no small task

You think of me, when it is hushed
Or when a day is toilsome, rushed
You think of me at dawn's bright glow
You pray for me at dusk.

And so today I thank you so dear friend
For the love that you convey
I think My God for blessing me
With you, in every way


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Oct 2009

The most blessed person in the
world is not the one
who has wealth that
they have earned. It's
the one who has a friend
to whom they turn.

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