~ My Gentle Giant ~

You linger in my dreams,
Wishing you were here.
What happiness it brings.
For you I shed a tear...

I wanted to call you dad,
From the very start.
The times we would've had,
Would have touched my heart!

You are a vision in the sand...
Of this Gentle Giant, I adore.
Who would have held my hand,
Been my best friend and more...

The ties that have us bound,
I feel each and every day.
The truest love I've found,
Forever I will stay.

Sweet memories I hold,
If only in my heart!
This man was so bold,
So I was told from the start!

A man of six foot six,
Size fourteen triple E shoes.
Memories are such a mix,
My heart sings the blues...

You touch my very soul,
My pa pa, I never met.
Someday, to meet you is my goal!
Your face I won't forget...

I have your picture on my wall.
You are such a beautiful man.
You were so very tall...
For you, God had a plan...

God wrapped his arms around you.
when I was eight months old.
Took you home and made you new.
Your story was never told...

I'll tell your story for you!
You are alive in spirit,
From a heart so true...
So all the world can hear it...

Even though you're not here,
You raised me up so well.
You're the reason I shed a tear,
So your story I tell...

You are my Gentle Giant,
I see you in my dreams.
I was so compliant,
With moms rules, so it seems...

You made me a gentle soul,
Filled my heart with joy.
For my heart you stole,
Thank God, I'm not a boy...

Dad, you mean the world to me.
I just wish you were here...
Dear Lord hear my plea,
Our time to be together, is very near...

My tribute to you Daddy Dave, My Gentle Giant.
Happy fathers day in Heaven

Diane M. Lamphere 5/25/2006




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