~ From My Heart To God ~
    (for my friend)
by: O' Puppy

Dear heavenly Father I'm praying to you
I have one big favor I need you to do
It's something that I feel important to me
And only you Lord have the wisdom to see

I'm not one of those who's in trouble someway
And just remembered you're convenient today
In hopes that if I made some promise in vain
Your powers would make everything right again

Nor is it a favor for riches and wealth
Or something that's suddenly wrong with my health
You see it's about someone else that I pray
A heart that has touched me in every way

A love for the meaning of being a friend
Someone I can count on right up till the end
A Christian that lives every day by the book
And finds good regardless of how things may look

So I know you wonder the reason I pray
What is it that I am requesting today
When there are so many with far greater needs
Why is it important for what my heart pleads

Well I had been searching so hard in my mind
For some special something, a one of a kind
To send to this person from deep within me
A gift so divine it occurred suddenly

What greater a gift than  the one they gave me
The love that I've shared that was given so free
Then I closed my eyes and it brought me to you
With this great big favor I need you to do

Today while you're working to answer each prayer
Dear Lord whisper something inside my friends ear
Please tell them just how much their friendship is worth
And how blessed I've been through their life on this earth

Ronnie D. Shreve
2003 used with permission


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