~ My Heart Words ~

Ever since I can remember, as we do
I had this sweet dream
Of a special friend...

I didn't exactly know what it would mean
Or how this friend might be
For I would never presume upon another
To meet a need in me-
When they already have
Such a busy life to lead


Somehow you snuck up
On my heart
And before I even knew it,
Unplanned, you became that friend
By all the unconscious caring you impart

And now...

I am left wondering
Just where you have come from
But then, I am not pondering so very long
For of course I know already,
How you came-
Straight from the tender heart of God

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

You are special
and each day I look forward
to receiving emails from you, for always
from you I get the greatest pick me up
there ever could be,
from a forever friend like you.
Thanks, straight from my heart.

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