My Internet Friend And Sister

To you my sweetest friend,
I'm so glad we met.
By chance we found each other
On the good ol'e internet.

You came to me with love,
And such beauty of the heart.
Your loving words of kindness,
Are etched into my memory.....
Never to depart.

As we've shared our deepest thoughts,
Becoming to each other better known.
This beautiful bond of heartfelt friendship,
Has blossomed and tremendously grown.

Having you as part of my life,
Has added so much warm delight.
I think of your lovingness so often,
It makes the dark seem bright

You're a person of great character,
Who's qualities I admire so much.
You handle all of life's paths,
With just the right touch.

You are always loving and kind,
With a strong determination.
Your sweet friendship towards me,
Has been to me a great inspiration.

You have always been there for me,
To encourage and support.
Your are always honest and straight,
The truth you never distort.

Your immense capacity to love,
With Godly spirituality,
Has touched my heart and soul,
And been such a comfort to me.

You always are so thoughtful,
As a sweet friend you're the best.
You bring me sunshine and rainbows
When I am down or I'm depressed.

So you my sweet loving friend,
The honor is now all mine.
To adopt you as my internet sister,
Our loving friendship I so enshrine.

So now and for all of eternity,
We shall keep a place in our hearts.
To stay close in love and friendship,
As each and every day starts

If one day God should take me,
We can speak to each other from afar.
Look to the heavens above you
And just find the brightest STARR.

James R. Greene January 10, 2007

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