~ My Letter To You ~
Where are you today my sweet little one
Someone else is holding you now
I couldn't take you home with me
I wanted to give you a better life somehow.

I am your mother, I gave birth to you
And you will always be in my heart
I cried when you were taken from my arms
I really didn't want us to part.

But I couldn't take care of you my little one
I couldn't give you what you need
A beautiful home and two loving parents
A place where you could thrive and succeed.

I think of you every single day
I wonder what your eyes will see
I wonder what your laughter will sound like
I wonder if you will look like me.

I would love to hear you say your first words
Or watch as you take your first steps
To be able to swoop you up in my arms
Or just to check you while you slept.

I pray your life will be beautiful
And your adoptive parents will always be there
That you will have an overabundance of love
And you'll know in your heart how much I cared.

My heart breaks every time I think of you
The birthdays I'm going to miss
Seeing you blossom into a beautiful young woman
Hearing all about your first kiss.

Walking with you on your first day of school
Running a comb through your beautiful hair
Buying you lots of pretty dresses
Oh how I wish I could be there.

I won't get to tuck you into bed each night
I won't get to hear you say your prayers
I won't get to give you a kiss in the morning
It breaks my heart that I can't tell you I care.

Maybe when you're older you will learn the truth
And get help in locating me
It's at that time I will give you this letter
And try to explain why this had to be.

I want you to know how much I Love You
And I hope you will be able to see
That this decision was so very difficult
But your future meant more to me!
I Love You Sweetheart!


Chee Chee Martin 9/2004




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