~ My Little Angels ~

I don't understand why God made angels
But I am so very fortunate that he did
Because of all my special little angels
I don't have to keep my true feelings hid.

I can tell you my funny stories or jokes
My sadness with you I can always share
And I know when I ask for a prayer request
All of my little angels will always be there.

I know I can tell you my deepest secrets
And you will never go blurting it out loud
I know you will keep it inside of your heart
And not let it out when you're in a crowd.

I know that I am different from all you
But you all accept me just as I truly am
You do not try to change one little thing
And you promise always to be my true friend.

Yes I am so richly and deeply blessed
By all my angels God has given to me
And if you want to know who they are
Just look in your mirror and you will see.

Sandy Edwards 2005

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