~ My Little Paws ~

I have a dog named Pixie
She's as cute as can be.
And with my every footstep
Little paws will follow me.

Through out my busy day
She is always by my side.
Little paws that follow me
Oh, the bonds that tie!

What a happy little dog,
She fills my heart with glee
To know that I am loved
As little paws follow me!

She has a favorite teddy bear
That she plays with every day.
Itís torn and worn but oh, what fun
To watch her run at play!

Her little paws travel many miles
As she follows me through out the day
To be right by my side
Is where she wants to stay!

You see my Pixie can no longer see
And her hearing is going bad.
But she will still look for me
And it makes me very sad.

At the end of a tiring day
She lays her tired body down.
As she snuggles close to me
Iím sure glad that she's around.

She warms my heart and soul
With all the love she gives.
She asks for nothing in return
But your love for as long as she lives!

Her little paws move slower now
As she tries to find her way;
But little paws will follow me
With my eyes through out the day!

My pixie's growing older now
And she can no longer see;
But thereís one thing for sure
She always can count on me!

Leona Etling © 2006
For my Pixie girl!!

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