My Little Puter

If it were not for my computer
Oh how lonely my life would be
It lets me play games and surf
And receive e-mail from all of thee.

It lets me listen to the music I love
And it lets me look up things I need
Like maybe a new medicine I am on
Or maybe just something I like to read.

It gives me the great honor of sharing...
Like poems I share with all of you
Or news about a friend or loved one
Or a little note to cheer you when you're blue.

Oh I know I would have my TV
But it just would not be the same
Than signing on to my own account
And see an e-mail with your name.

Yes friend I say these words with truth
If it were not for wonderful people as you
My life just would not be worth much
In my heart there is always a place for you.

Sandy Edwards 2005


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