~ My Little Teddy Bear ~
My little Teddy Bear,
Who sits over in his chair,
Is my very best friend,
Because he's always there.

He always listens,
To each word I say,
Never judgmental,
Never unkind in any way.

He's soft and cuddly,
When my face is full of tears,
He wipes them away,
And collects all my fears.

He knows all my secrets,
Just like God,
He's with me down each road,
That my soul has now trod.

I hold him and hug him,
And sleep with him too,
Teddy Bears are like angels,
They comfort you, they do.

He's ragged now,
You can tell he's been used,
But my little Teddy,
Has never been abused.

He's been with me since childhood,
I just can't let him go.
Although he's rugged and worn,
He still comforts me so.

My little Teddy's been handed down,
Throughout the years,
He holds all of my children's
Laughter and tears.

But as they out grew him,
Each one gave him back to me.
He's more than a Teddy Bear,
He's my family history!!

I know he'll be with me,
Till the day that I die.
And only then,
Will I have to tell Teddy, Goodbye.

I know one day,
He'll also be laid to rest,
But until that day,
My little Teddy, You are the Best !!

Brenda King 2006


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