~ My Lord And My God ~

My soul, in its' quest, for glorious phrases,
Longs to address You, sweet Lord,
This term though simple, lovingly AMAZES!
Now's not the time we should hoard,
With each glance taken of His Body and Blood,
As our priest lifts Him high up to adore,
My heart exclaims "My Lord and my God,
Bless all of us now more and more!"

Such simple words are what He so longs to hear.
Go straight from your heart He's listening.
No need for magicians down here, my dear.
He's loving you lots, now, go on and sing!
Be honest and sincere, for He knows your heart,
There's nothing to fear, so, invite Him in,
"Oh, how I adore you, my Lord and my God!"

There, you have it, I've said it again!
I'll say these words, over and over,
Til my sweet Lord l see face to face,
Like a butterfly, I'll soar, then see my true lover,
To e'er live with Jesus, in heavens' holy place!


Diana Norris


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Art Courtesy Image-Cafe

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