~ My Love For You ~

My love for you will never die
That could never happen
For my love is in your eyes

My love for you is in the ocean waves
Always present and always stays
Your heart is warm and your lips are sweet
I believe and I know, you are the one for me

My love for you is in the earth and sun
I look to the sky and I feel you by my side
The world is small when two souls meet
In this life or another, our touch will forever keep
Your arms I hold and I can feel
The love with no end, is forever real

My love for you is in my life I see
Beautiful flowers, birds which sing so merrily
Your face is so very close to me
I promise to never want anyone but you.
My love for you is all I can see.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

When you love with all your heart.
It can happen only once in a lifetime.

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Franz Liszt
Midi prep by Mel Webb from the PIANIST series by PG Music

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