~ My Loving Friend ~

You are my loving friend
In my heart and soul you hide
When we enjoy the sunshine
I see laughter in your eyes

As my loving friend you travel
Where ever I may go
We both walk with our Jesus
His light we can behold

You are a golden angel
Jesus gave to me one day
You make the stars shine brighter
With me, your prayers you say

My loving friend, with you I stay
In good times and in bad
For you have never left me
In Jesus' heart, we are made glad

All the beauty of our friendship
And what it means to me
Is this joy we have together
Through the glow of God we see

So hold my hand, my loving friend
Over rainbows we will climb
Together we are one of soul
Because Jesus made you mine.


Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
For my loving friend, Heartwhispers
The people's poet

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