~ My Many Friends ~

I have a loving friend,
Who's spirit touched my heart
My spirit sister, my most true friend
She brings to me God's love

To me she is a gift from Heaven
Like flowers, birds and butterflies
Her kindness lifts me to the air
We share so many feelings
I know she's always there

I care so for my special friend
I write to every day
She shares her heart with me
I love her soul in every way

I have a friend who is an angel
She is close like those who've gone before
In her heart I stay forever safe
For together with our God,
He's caring for us all

My many friends were sent to me by God
I thank Him for the hope that they impart
So I can dance in pretty moonbeams
And delight in all God's Art

Sometimes we may feel weak
We may not feel so very strong
But, God gave His special promise
To give us strength, when joy is gone

Yes, there's a reason every friend is born
To help give us purpose til the end
Friends help us to belong
So we can be messengers for God
Thank you my dear friend
for helping me to carry on.


Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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