~ My Most Precious Father ~

My most precious Father
Your great love is in my soul
Every part of me, you created
I see you in the blue sky
Which you made for me
In the stars at night
I see your face and smile

My most precious Father
I wish to kiss your beloved feet
Whenever I need you
All I do is smell the fragrant air
Watch the promise of a rainbow
Listen to the proud owl
The birds you made to share

I see the little children
Whom you care for above all
You who wrote the greatest poem
In "The Lord's Prayer"
Who let the angels sing
In moonlight's glow

My most precious Father
I look at this world and see the beauty
You alone have painted
Wherever I go
Everything is Your creation

You died because You loved me
Eternal life became your gift
I pray now in gratitude
You accepted me into your heart
My precious Father
No one cares for me like You

My soul which You created
Is your everlasting love
I could not have a better Father
Than the one I see in heaven above

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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