~ My Naughty Soul ~

Lord, I have a naughty soul.
Bear with me.

Yesterday, I struggled with my cravings;
Today, I am having a hard time suppressing them;
Tomorrow, I know I will have more cravings.
Silence me, Lord, please.

My eyes desire what they see.
My nose desires what it smells.
My hand desires what it touches.
My ears desire what they hear.
Oh, my tongue desires what it tastes.
Lord, it’s a good thing
I have only five senses.

I tired myself to the fullest
And found it flattened:
I climbed myself to the highest
And found it fallen.
I used my energy extensively
And found myself in intensive care.

Oh, Lord, indeed I have a naughty soul.
Yet, at the end of all these
When I find myself rested –
You are there, Lord -----
Gracious, loving, full of mercy…..
Calming down my naughty soul.

By Lydia Naoe
© May 2010

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Midi Sylvia Ballet Suite
by Leo Delibes (1866) arr: G. Pollen (1999)

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