My old coat and I
Have weathered many storms
My old coat is part of me
To keep me cozy warm

I remember how it called out, choose me
To treasure all the years
To travel along when it is cold
A comfort ever near

With lining of the softest fur
And buttoned to the chin
How I love to lift the hood
And snuggle from the wind

There's the sweet surprises that I find
The first day off the hook
Last year's treasures in the pockets
Memories gathered for the look

Oh yes, my coat may be a little worn
Here and there a careful mend
But, I shall keep it always, just like you
My very faithful friend

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

My old coat and I live comfortably together
Assuming all my wrinkles, never hurting anywhere
Molding itself to my shape
and complacent to all my movements
I feel it's presence only warm
Old coats, old teddies, old friends
are all the same-huggable.

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