~ My Own Little World ~
 I won't answer the phone anymore
I keep all my curtains drawn
I am in my own little world
My friends are now long gone.

I keep all my lights on dim
I refuse to answer the door
I wander around from room to room
I continually pace the floor.

I don't care if it's sunny outside
If it's raining or if it's clear
My shadow keeps me company
I'm filled with a mounting fear.

I am in a deep and dark depression
I can't seem to find my way out
Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind
I just want to scream and shout.

I'm all that's left of a broken heart
A whisper of smoke is all that remains
You took my body and soul you know
And left me wondering if I'm insane.

A new beginning I need to start
To pick myself up from this fall
To venture out into this world
And quit conversing with shadows on the wall.


This is dedicated to all the people who suffer from depression.


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