Dear Lord, thank you for my poet friends
Each year I meet them with joy that never ends
We greet with a hug and simple hello to start
That gives us a warm feeling in our heart.

Early morning we meet at the pavilion on the hill
Where each smiling face gives me a thrill.
Here we drink our coffee as we plan our day
Our wonderful host will lead and show us the way

Warm sunshine and grass sparkling with dew
Rolling green hills give us a wonderful view
Beautiful wildflowers with color that blends
Many lovely pictures taken by my poet friends.

I hold my poet friends in my heart so deep
They are wonderful treasures I shall keep
Each one a precious gift God has given me
Yes, my poet friends are a joy and a mystery.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"My poet friends will always
remain a wonderful mystery"
~Quote by Glenna~



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