~  My Prayer For You  ~

My prayer for you
is deeply meant
For God to cease
the earthly beast,
Who roars and confuses
each one it can
Abusing, misusing
is it's plan.

I feel the terror
the fear of others
Who strive to live
amid their brothers,
Preserving their homes
in peace and love
Protecting families
where God does hove.

My prayer for you
is one of love
We come from God
in heaven above,
To live and surrender
our lives to Him
Who protects us
it's not a whim.

I feel His presence
all around me
In daily living
He makes us free,
With freedom, obedience
to His will
Reading the Bible
for lives fulfilled.

My prayer to you
is don't forget
The One who made you
is no threat,
He only wants
to communicate
He loves you so much
let it penetrate.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005

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