~ To My Precious Grandchild ~
It only seems like yesterday we celebrated your birth,
We had waited so long in suspense,
looking forward to the day.
Wanting to know you, so we could look on you with love,
and say you are so special in every way.
Before time began, God planned for you to be here,
at this time, in this generation,
designed perfectly, to be delightful you.
To be a blessing and to be blessed with all that is beautiful.

You are as a jewel shining with eternal loveliness.
Many different experiences are planned for you,
uniquely made for your heart, to bring you into
the understanding of all that is lasting and true.
At times you may feel all alone, but that is never true.
At times you may experience grief,
and wonder if all is set against you, but that too is not true.
Life will bring along highest joys and deepest sorrows,
all of these are to reveal to you your friend,
one essential friend,
that you can share your intimate secrets with.
Not one to be afraid of, like a presence in life's shadows,
Not some vague untouchable super hero of the heavens.
Nor some vague acquaintance just for weddings,
funerals and times of sickness.

Not just a wonderful creator to be admired from a distance.
Neither an unseen pilot that we merely hope is there,
to guide the ship of life.
But He is our own personal friend, He knows our individual need.
He made us and loves us so much He died for us.
He is there to live in us, to hold us in every detail of our life.
By giving our life to Him, we have all we need for this life,
of love, joy and peace and the certainty of life forever...
Gods blessing of love on you my dear grandchild
treasure of my heart.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

Your goodness and unfailing kindness shall be with me
all of my life, and afterwards I will live
with you forever in your home.
 ~Psalm 23:6~
We do not understand the pattern of the stars in their course,
but we know that He who created them does,
and that just as surely as He guides them,
He is charting a safe course for us.
~Billy Graham~

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