~ My Secret Garden ~

I found a secret garden
Which no one else could see
When I tried to show others it's beauty
They just looked at me.

I have a secret garden
With butterflies and rainbows too
I planted all the flowers
That I ever knew.

If I met a new friend
I would tell them what I found
I loved it most when it rained
It grew so wide and round.

Yet as hard as I tried
Not one friend could see
My garden was so special
It seemed God just gave it to me.

One day I asked my God
Why did it not come in view
For so many people needed it
To help them in their life too.

He told me my friends could take a look
If they were pure in heart
They must love others before themselves
If they wanted to take part.

It is like "God's Art" He said
For anyone to see
All you need do
Is look at the beauty

God created, and your secret garden
Will surely come to be.


Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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