~ My Shepherd ~

So many people take such comfort in this Psalm,
As King David wrote it, He put such beauty in the song.
And it has soothed so many as they read it when they prayed,
Feeling its beautiful powers, as it melted their pain away.

Many are those who have chosen these beloved words,
And they have trusted in them, as the preacherís voice was heard,
That each of these familiar words, which almost everyone could say,
Would bring to them the comfort that each one would need that day.

Oh, if I could only write such beauty in this way,
Just like King David did when he prayed to God each day!
So many others have tried their best but, like me, to no avail.
If more of us could write like this, fewer souls would be bound for hell.

Oh Lord, please help me to listen closely when You speak.
So, like King David, I can feel the comfort that I seek.
For You ARE my Shepherd and You fill me up each day,
With Your goodness and Your mercy that always guides my Way.

So when I reach that valley and I feel that death is near,
Please help me to remember that I have nothing at all to fear.
For You promised to walk beside me and guide me as I go,
And Your rod and staff bring comfort as You restore my sinful soul.

The Words of that old Psalm have touched so many hearts,
For they give us such peace when in death we must depart.
And the truth of the Words, will show the righteous path He paved,
And in Your house I shall dwell forever,
because through My Shepherd, my soul was saved.

Written by Karen Bunker
September 13, 2009

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Artist....Greg Olsen

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