~ My Song ~

Precious is the song of life,
surrounding the events we experience.
Hoping and praying for right outcome,
listening, believing there is perfection.

My song is taken from many lives,
childhood, teenager, adulthood.
Some ripples of discontent in stages,
discerning how to achieve contentment.

This song of life is ever changing,
varies with each season of being.
Calmness, harmony sought for,
love enters the song never ceasing.

Many moments of my song are sacred,
as the soul within responds accordingly.
The song of love resounds with beauty,
inspiration, gentleness spreading peacefully.

My song is the song of life,
as love threads through the currents of living.
Some days are pleasant and happy,
others a learning experience I need.

I am because I am, living my own song of life.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 3/12/09

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