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My Son Is Very Special 


When I was young I knew some boys
Who I thought so nice to know
And I tucked away a little dream
One day to have one of my own

The years flew by, until I married
And I kept my hope of you
As I gathered lots of baby things
Especially in blue

How great then was the joy
To have you on the way
So exciting was the wait
For your arrival day

Then I cried, Oh you are a boy
As you came into my heart to stay
God has blessed me with His very best
A precious son to name

Maybe I forget to say enough
Now you have grown so tall
How special you have always been to me
I couldn't love you more

If I may have chosen a son for me
No other one would do
Than the son God chose to give me
The beloved heart of you


Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

You have always been so special
in all the things you've said and done.
I am so very proud of you as you are
not just because you are my son.
It is truly a gift to have a son like you
who grows more precious with the years!
Son, my pride and joy, as a man and as a boy.


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