~ My Son ~
I want you to meet my son,
He's a handful...
He keeps me hopping
From the crack of dawn until
His day is done...
You can find him with all kinds of boy toys:
Choo-choo trains, cars and trucks,
He takes them apart to see how they work...
A red wagon with one wheel missing,
A scooter and a sled...a broken fishing pole with a cork,
It will be some time before he learns
How to put them back together again,
He also likes to wade in the mud
After a fresh rain...
Playing 'Hide-From-The-Mommy' is one of
His favorite games...
In a panic I search high and low;
He has scared me out of my wits,
I find him behind the living room couch,
Where he sits,
With his hand over his mouth
Laughing as hard as his little body permits,
He is extremely inquisitory;
There isn't a rock he hasn't turned over,
Looking for bugs and worms.
And there isn't a log he hasn't walked
Searching for anything that squirms;
I'm amazed at his vivid imagination:
"Son, how did all this water get on the floor?"
"It was a very, very big elephant...and he got me all wet."
Putting my right elbow into my left hand, and my finger
Against my cheek, I grinned, not wanting to appear too upset,
"Really? I asked."
"Well, then again, it could have been me."
When I tuck him into bed at night
I always give him a kiss;
As he sleeps he appears so angelic;
This is where innocence exist
My son grows quickly
Right before my eyes,
I hate to see this growth, but it is to be;
Soon he will say his good-byes
Leaving me with beautiful and everlasting memories.

Janice Bumbalough Marler 2004

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