~ My Son, My Hero ~

When he was born
I cried tears of joy;
this was my beautiful
small baby boy.
I still can see him
when he was just three
playing the soldier;
the enemy: the tree.
And in no time at all
he was off to the prom
With the girl that he loved,
I was such a proud mom.
Then came the day
That he went off to war
To be all he could be,
He had joined with the corp.
I prayed by my bed,
each morning and night,
“Please God help my son
to weather this fight.”
Well today is the day
that my son’s coming home
but my tears are in sorrow
and I feel so alone.
For my son will be carried
in a casket of steel,
with a flag draped upon it,
“How can this be real?”
His name was a blurb
on the news on TV
“A soldier has died
in the war ‘cross the sea.”
But he was my son,
my light and my joy,
he was my first,
my small baby boy.
Yet even though death
has left me with tears,
I still have the memories
of all of those years.
And I know that my son
would do it again,
he was fighting for freedom
he did not die in vain.


©2005 Forrest Phelps-Cook
Reflections From The Heart

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