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Happy Father's Day
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~  My Son  ~

Of all the things that have made me happy,
the happiest I have ever been was when
the Lord gave me the gift of you.

As an infant you were so tiny and cute,
watching and waiting as you grew bigger
just so we could play together was a joy for me.


Oh what fun we did have just the two of us,
throwing ball, fishing, or doing nothing at all
what wonderful memories I do recall.

Little did I know then that we would become,
more than just a father and a son
over the years you became my best friend.

The day that you wed and moved away,
will forever remain with your mother and I
we watched with pride as our son turned into a man.


Never did I doubt that things would work out,
what a wonderful family you have now
my son you have made me so very proud.

I pray that the Lord blesses you,
with the same pride and joy that you have given me
always remember that you are more than just my son.


Sandra Ann Cauley April 14, 2004

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