~ My Spirit's Up ~

You have touched my life
in ways you'll never know
You've laughed with me and cried with me
and helped my spirit grow.

There were times when I was hurting
sinking quickly in Life's sand
You stretched out unflinching arms
to help me rise and stand.

On days when shadows loomed
too tall, against my wall,
You wrapped me in your gentle warmth
much like a velvet shawl.

Sometimes when tears just tumbled
running down around my chin,
There you were just knocking...
just waiting to come in...

Yes, you have touched my life---
you'll not ever comprehend,
Just how much you've done for me...
My spirit's up...my friend.


Sharon Frye 2005
Dedicated to Cyndi, Kat and all
the wonderful writers at Spiritisup...
Thank You!


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