~ Mysterious People ~

Have you ever wondered?
who's on the other side
typing away those emails
telling truth or lies
~ ~ ~
They may say they're pretty
maybe tall and dark
careful exchanging info
perhaps they are a quack
~ ~ ~
Don't misunderstand me
most folks are really okay,
trouble is we can't see them
our screens get in the way
~ ~ ~
I admit I do love writing
enjoy reading yours too
some of my thoughts are fiction
while others are quite true
~ ~ ~
I'll give you a lil example
and you can then decide
is this truth of fiction
I've written from this side
~ ~ ~
My hair is blonde and curly
with eyes of baby blue
I'm very tall and slender
have lots of money too
~ ~ ~
My husband is a Lawyer
children, I have three
I drive a big Mercedes'
own a lighthouse on the beach
~ ~ ~
For years I've been a dancer
have waltzed with Fred Astaire
under lights of Broadway
Gene Kelly met my stare
~ ~ ~
My brother is a rock star
'n travels round the world
his wife benefits sweet riches
of gold, diamonds 'n pearls
~ ~ ~
Now, all of this is fiction
and nothing of the sort
knowing you can't see me,
can tell you what I want....


2007 Rose Marie Streeter

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