In a land where unicorns and fairies play
and all hearts dance along life's way
That's where this tale comes from
A magical realm of the Mystic Kingdom

In the mystic kingdom on a misty morn
A beautiful Princess was born
Hers was a rare and stunning beauty
Legends of her beauty traveled land and sea

A coldness lay over the land
for fire could not be contained by man
They had tried in vain
A lasting flame to contain

The Princess grew colder each day
Without warmth her life was slipping away
With each passing day she grew weaker
as the King sent out fire seekers

One blustering day in the cold
A beastly dragon came so bold
He was entranced by the Princess's beauty
Consumed by beauty, his soul was no longer free

The dragon stole the Princess fair
Hiding her away in his lair
The Princess in fear started to cry
But without the dragon's fire, she would surely die

Over a period of time...
the dragon was tamed and kind
The beast dragon she had tamed
But hers was a heart cold and shamed

Without the dragon's fire breath
the Princess was facing sure death
How could her poor dying heart know
A true love was beginning to grow

Dismissing the ugliness she saw
the Princess's heart began to thaw
From the dragon's fire breath cover
was growing a love like no other

The Princess knowing she would not die
began to see kindness in the dragon's eyes
Her cold hearted fear's emotion
was becoming pure love's devotion

In the warmth of the dragon's lair
a profound love was growing in the lady fair
With the maid's heart full of love and warm
The dragon was changing bodily form...


Cont. to Part II

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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