The Princess with feelings of such
reached out a tender hand to touch
With the tender touch of her hand
Lo!  Before her stood a handsome young man!!

But by the night's coming moon light
the man changed back to a dragon of might
To the dragon by day as a man
The King gave his daughter's hand

Wrapped in a magical mystic fold
Theirs was a true love of the soul
By day they live as woman and man
and at night the dragon warms all the land.

Their hearts now locked together
Their love will live forever...
And till this day, the Lady Fair
waits by night in the dragons' lair...

The people no longer face a cold death
They were saved by the dragon's fire breath
From a love born in the dragon's form...
Hearts in Mystic Kingdom are now safe and warm

What is the moral of this story
you might ask me...
Well, I have to say...
Kindness goes a long way

Kindness is an act of love
Blessed from the Heavens above
With kind acts well intended...
Broken hearts and Kingdoms can be mended

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission


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