My Sweet Love

Just the thought of your touch sends shivers down my spine.
When you hold me in your arms I get a feeling so divine.
The taste of your lips on mine are sweeter than honey.
The feel of your flesh against mine makes my day sunny.

Your voice is like a song sung by angels from heaven.
A smile from you makes my day a lot more pleasant.
Your dark eyes have that uncanny ability to hypnotize.
My heart takes wing just knowing you are near.

When I am awake I feel as if I am living in a dream.
To have you in my world is more like heaven it seems.
The thought of you loving me takes me to heights unknown.
Forever I will cherish this love of ours that has grown.

My sweet love is what you are to me.
There is nothing to compare with the way I love thee.
There are no words that could say it so true.
My darling all I can say is "I love you".

 Beulah Marie Starr 2007

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Franz Liszt
Midi prep by Mel Webb from the PIANIST series by PG Music

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