To you my sweet love,
I just want to say.
My love for you grows more intense,
Each and every day.

So many words of love,
You so often speak to me,
Always puts my spirit,
In a state of ecstasy.

You are truly my soul mate,
Always so loving and sincere.
I can share my heart with you,
Without feeling any fear.

Such loving eyes that sparkle,
A smile ever so sweet.
Your soft gentle touch.
Makes me feel so complete.

I cherish and adore you,
With every ounce of my being.
Just the mere thought of you,
Makes my heart sing.

You are all I want and need,
In every single way.
You always color my world,
When the skies seem gray.

My heart is all yours,
As yours is mine.
Darling you'll always be
My sweet Valentine.

James R. Greene
January 14, 2007

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Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor

Artwork: La Belle Dame San Merci
by Arthur Hughes

Flower tubes courtesy of: Graphics Galore


Brought to you by 2007