If I could only save time in a bottle
I would save the time spent with you
I would bottle up all of my memories
And store them in my mind and heart too.

I would store up all of the treasures and
The love and friendship we both share
And whenever I may happen to think of you
The memories would always be right here.

And on the days when I may be sad or lonely
I can take out all my precious memories
All the kind words and pictures you share
That you take the time daily to send to me.

Some treasures to some may be sold
But on mine I can not put any worth
Because they are so precious to me
They are worth more than all gold on Earth.

These memories and treasures I hold
I know God sent them specially to me
He knew I needed some special angels
And those angels I see in each of thee.


Sandy Edwards 11-10-2006

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