~ My Valentine Heart ~

If I could fly on a rainbow
Or turn into a fine bird
I would sprinkle you with all my love
On this Valentine, my love shall be heard

If I found I was a butterfly
A beautiful wonder to see
I would echo your name
Until you could answer me

On this Valentine's let me give you my heart to keep
In a special place, where only lovers can meet
I have your picture on my dresser
I look at you every day
I see your sweet face in the morning light
I see it at night, you never fade away

I do not need you to give me a gift
For your love is safe in my heart
You are what I will always need
I can touch all your soul can impart

You will be my Valentine
Now and forever to hold
How I love you, my one true love
Our love will never grow old.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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 Midi by Margi Harrell

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