~ My Valentine ~

February 14th is coming up,
Time to send a Valentine.
My hubby, my love, my life,
Something different with a bit of sunshine.

I contemplate what can I do,
The normal card, of course.
Anything else to cheer him on,
He's special, words do enforce.

What does everyone else do?
I'm his for life, I'm his wife.
Been married long,
Did that, done that, then afterlife.

My wish is sincere but really,
What can I do this year?
I'll play it by ear,
'Cause he's so very dear.

I think a Valentine from me,
Is important to show I care.
It's the extra time and effort,
And my love I do declare.

Really though, I love him deeply,
Show it in asking for a "kissee."
Put my arms around him,
Thank him for helping this "Missee."

So my Valentine is for remembrance,
I appreciate his giving.
His helping hand in many things,
My love is for everything.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006

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