~ My Very Best Friend ~

I have this most special beau
He loves me most of all
More than any other valentine
The one that I adore

He has written me many letters
Pages of His love
Words of comfort, joy and peace
Of how death He's overcome

He gives me roses every day
Sweet blooms of rarest hue
He holds me in His arms
And whispers, I love you

He lifts me when I'm weary
Or even when I'm not
He's my forever friend, my forget me not
He's where my heart belongs

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

I've fallen into you Lord Jesus;
into the heart that loves me as no other has before
or ever will again for I,
am in the love that holds me in the arms of forever.
I've fallen into you dear Father
and I need never ask You why.

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