~ My Wild Cat ~
Just a small child,
With a small child's mind,
One day in my yard,
A wild cat I did find.
A beautiful cat,
With bright shiny eyes.
I climbed the tree to get him,
And to my surprise,

My little mean dog
Had spotted him too,
And was watching to see
What I was going to do.


I reached high into the tree
To pull him close to me,
He did not have that on his mind,
His thought was escape you see.
I held him tight,
And ran real fast,
He was eating me up,
So I let go at last.

My little dog kept after him,
Chased him back into the woods,
Where he had first been.
He was a wild cat, he was not good.
But I was innocent,
Just a small child.
All I saw was a pretty cat,
I did not know he was wild.
Betty Hill 2005


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