~ Boy Birthday Blessing ~

One day a special blessing
A chosen boy was born
And as we celebrate your birthday
Your life we now applaud

We thank our Father God for you
And all you truly are
We thank Him every day
For your very precious heart

In giving you, your very breath
His love and joy and peace
You are a lasting treasure
And one forever blessed

Special thoughts for you
On your Birthday and always

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Oh Great Spirit, God of heaven, whose voice I hear
in the wind and whose breath gives life
to all the world....hear my prayer.
Let me walk in beauty, through all my days
make my eyes see sunrise freshness..and sunset glory.
Make my hands respect the things You have made
and my ear sharp to hear Your voice.
I am small and weak, I need Your strength...and wisdom.
make me wise...that I may learn
the lessons You teach my people
the lessons You have hidden for those who search to know.



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