Two friends awoke on one dark day
And looked there all around,
But, couldn't find a special friend
Not one could e'er be found.

But, then arose spring's gladdest morn
And they heard each other sing,
The music was so very pretty
That hope sprang up within.

'I hear your voice so very clear
My heart's in tune with you,
Let's flutter near together now
To see what God will do.

We'll nestle in rose petals
And dance through days of spring,
We'll picnic, chat and warm our hearts
In all that He will bring.'

Oh yes, as friends for aye to keep
In all the prettiness we see,
We will delight in spring always
And forever happy be.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems April 2009

Pretty birds are on the wing
What a merry song they sing
Of God's love to me you bring.
There is new life in everything
How we love the joy of spring!


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