~ I Will Never Be Far Away To Feel You ~

I will never be far away to feel you
Or to touch my heart to yours
You bring life to me
Oh! Can you not see
You were always my all

When a breath goes past me
And surrounds my soul
Never let me go
For you are all I am and more

I will never be far away to feel you
Or to love you, I hold you close to me
And I always see,
my heart overflows with you

In my eyes, you are,
The dearest part of all I need,
Please lay my head on your chest
So I can hear every heart beat, the splendor
When your brown eyes look at me
I am so weak, let us dance forever

I will never be too far away to feel you
Or to know how tender your soul
We are always one,
You are the life of me
Come and be my other part
Of the love I hold in my heart

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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