~ Never
Give Up Hope ~

Never give up Hope,
God created Hope you know,
God created Love, Faith and Trust too,
He put those seeds within us,
That is so very true

Never give up Hope,
Hope is what keeps your spirit alive,
Hope keeps you forging ahead each day,
Without Hope,
you feel an empty vacuum within,
With Hope you're reinforcing your prayers
as you pray,
That is so very true,

Never give up Hope,
The seeds of Hope
should be nurtured all the time,
Let them grow within you
and you will feel Blessed,
God will maintain your Hope,
He is the God Divine
That is so very true

Never give up Hope,
Hope, Faith, Love, and Trust
should be your goals too,
Always give them top priority in your heart,
God Loves you dearly and He'll always
take care of your soul,
That is so very true.

Anne R. C. Neale 2009

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