~ Never Say Never ~

I said I'd never love again -
No one else would break this heart.
I'd never ever give my all.
I'd know that from the start.

Not enough laughter,
Too many tears.
Wasting life's moments.
Year after year.

Didn't know heartache
Could kill me inside.
Too much to lose -
Even my pride.

Not once did I think -
There might come a day.
Another would come
And just "sweep" me away!

But that is exactly
What happened to me.
I gave Him my all.
And "surrendered", you see.

He's helped me cry tears -
He's helped cure the pain.
He will never leave me.
No never again!

If you are confused now -
Thinking, "I told you so" -
Hearts were made for giving
Or didn't we know?

The end of this story
Could go on and on.
Just as He promised -
He never is gone!

The eyes filled with tears -
Are dry now, you see.
I finally found Him.
Just waiting for me.

I smile as I write this.
My heart skips a beat.
For I've found the One -
To make me complete!

You see, I found Jesus!
And I knew from the start -
He is The One!
So, I gave Him my heart!

So when you are hurting
And aching all through -
Just look for Jesus.
He's been waiting for you!

Mary Anne Ray 2005

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