~ Never will it break ~

Hope is everlasting nurture
And though concealed, or swirled away
Never will it break
For God is hope for ever
in Him is how we wake

His hope sustains us daily
When no other path
is viewed, He
Will be the call to rise
And the courage to renew

When we feel we'd rather turn
and fall down in a heap
His hope becomes our smile
When the heart can not go on
His love, is near to find

Hope spurs us ever forward
To want to carry on
When we feel bewildered, lost
Hope is to be treasured
For hope is love returned

Our Father is all hope and joy
The life, the want to live
When all seems very dark
His light will be the love
To carry in our heart

Hope will never fade
When in the Lord we bask

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Oct 2009

What a blessing, in the midst of discouragement and
sometimes self-aversion because of failures or littleness,
to look up to the glory of our relationship to God through
the Lord Jesus. He brings God to us and brings us to God.
Being thus, we have His
divine love, blessing and help.
Harold Ockenga


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