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~ A New Day ~

Another day has come and gone,
Never to return again.
Tomorrow starts a brand new day,
A new life to begin?

Looking back on all the yesterdays
Just what is it you see?
Things you wish that you could change,
Knowing that can not be?

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Did you cast off all your dreams,
Thinking "there's no way"?
Did you fail to take that first big step,
For the status quo was just O.K.?

Did you fail a friend in dire need,
Instead you looked away?
Did not offer them a helping hand,
A friendship you'd betray?

Did you lose that special love
Because of selfish thought?
Was it disappointment you found,
Not the happiness you sought?

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Now, a new day for you dawns.
How you spend it is up to you.
Fill your heart with love and hope,
You know what you must do.

You can never change the past,
Undo the wrongs you have done.
But, you can listen to the words
Of our Father's precious Son.

Follow Him, let Him lead the way.
Then, true happiness you'll find.
A life of sharing and caring for all
Will bring peace to heart and mind.

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Kate E. 01-13-05

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