~ New Dreams ~

My childhood dreams come back to me
of who I was, who I wanted to be.
I once had dreams of splendid places,
with me all dressed in fancy laces.

But childhood dreams and future plans
can sometimes slip right through our hands.
For lifeís not always what it appears,
itís filled with pain and filled with tears.

Itís filled with maybes and might have been,
ďif only I was that child again.Ē
And yet we know we canít change time,
we can only re-visit in our dreaming mind.

And so today Iíll again close that door
and promise myself to go there no more.
Iíll not pass my days in bitter lament
for dreams once had, that now lay unspent.

The future is bright, I will open my eyes,
look up to the stars, and again Iíll take flight.
Iíll weave my new dreams with satiny lace,
and keep marching on Ďtill I finish the race.

So hereís to the life that now is, anew,
a chance to create and make wishes come true.
A time to bring laughter and love to the fore,
to let go of the tether and once again soar.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook 2010



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