~*~ New Friends ~*~

My world is filled with so many friends,
Who brighten my life over and over again.
Like a rainbow of colors, in assorted arrays,
My computer always brings, new friends my way.

My computer takes me from one state to another,
I find friends who are like family, sisters maybe brothers.
We chat and e-mail and send cute little things,
You just wouldn't believe, the happiness each one brings.

It just seems that our meeting was meant to be,
God's way of showing how much He loves me.
How lucky I am, and so very thankful too,
To have met wonderful friends, like all of you.

How can I thank you, for showing me you care,
Somehow I know, you'll always be there.
Your monitor and keyboard send me a hello everyday,
With hugs and kisses and the love you send my way.

I know every good gift comes from God above,
As He showers us each day with His Mercy and Love.
Each night when I bend down on my knee's to pray,
I thank Him for sending such good people my way.

You are loved far more, than you will ever know,
And I hope through little things, my Love will often show.
It may be a poem, a story, or even a joke,
But my Love will never, never go un-spoken !!

I Love You !!

Brenda King  July 17, 2005
Dedicated to Chee Chee, Kathy, Maria, and many more,
Who have helped to open Friendship's door!!


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Midi Have You Ever
Heatherli (Susan) Giffen
dedicated to Beth Reed
used with written permission

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